each Out Kansas, Inc., or “ROK”, is a public 501(c) 3 established by James P. Zakoura in 2009 to address the pervasive and far-reaching consequences of decreased funding for the Arts.  We started dialogues with artists and educators, established working relationships with people all over the United States, and developed our threefold mission:

  • Increase cultural, musical, and educational awareness of the Arts
  • Breakdown economic barriers to the Arts by offering all events FREE and open to the public
  • Encourage exchanges between individuals and groups in the U.S. and abroad

With our mission in mind, Reach Out Kansas, Inc. developed The Partnership for the Arts and The Legacy Projects.  The Partnership for the Arts, is an expansive network of programs that, day-to-day, work to accomplish our Mission.  The Partnership for the Arts is comprised of Outreach, Masterclasses and Residencies, and Concert Events.  The Legacy Projects are ground breaking initiatives with expansive visions that are transformational and impact the world community for generations to come.

The Outreach Program takes musical and theater performances, and workshops to rural areas and underfunded schools. We have partnered with extraordinary Artists, musicians, performers and composers, for Master Classes and Residencies.  These Artists share their expertise and experiences with developing artists through group classes and one-on-one instruction.  Concert Events are FREE public events that provide opportunities for all people to experience the transformative power and joy of the Arts, and the unparalleled ability of the Arts to unify people and communities.

The Legacy Projects serve our Mission and driven by an extraordinary vision and a desire to create something transformative, that will impact the world for generations to come.  These are typically large, long term, unique projects with multiple partnerships and collaborations. Past Legacy Projects have been:

“In the Shadow of No Towers”, Carnegie Hall Project

Paul Popiel, Director, and the KU Wind Ensemble

Jazz at Lincoln Center Project

Dan Gailey, Director,  and the KU Jazz Ensemble I

Steven Spooner – Dedications Project

Steven Spooner

Music brightens the lives of millions

Deborah Brownat Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

Listen to our

I’m Satisfied by Deborah Brown

Chopin, Polonaise in A-Flat Major

Mozart, Piano Sonata in C Major

Borromeo String Quartet



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