Who We Fund

Reach Out Kansas, Inc. is looking for grass roots, community organizations addressing fundamental needs and issues by:

  1. Identifying needs not addressed by traditional government or social service programs
  2. Focusing on needs specific to rural or underserved communities
  3. Providing skills/programs that empower people to become self-sufficient and/or foster long term stability

Past Grantees

Meadow Lark Project

Current and historical social issues addressed through song and music with performances for rural communities and underserved populations.

Jazz Day of Improvisation

Professional Jazz Musicians and strong student musicians, from underserved communities, come together.  This experience provided group and one on one instruction, performance opportunities, and mentoring.     

Holiday Vespers Symphony Concert

A “no cost” opportunity for people in the community to come together to experience music that celebrates the holidays of many cultures across the world.  

Rural Strings Program

Stringed instruments and weekly instruction were provided for students from rural communities.  The communities did not have a school orchestra program or access to instruments and instruction. 

Opera Outreach

A quartet of costumed singers performed opera versions of children’s stories across 50 rural and underserved communities. The performances engaged children in fun, energetic, and vocally beautiful experiences of the theatrics, sounds, and humor of opera.